Trends in Automotive

One of the most important trends in Automotive is the advances in technology.

3 Trends Sending Customer to Auto repair Shops,

This article talks about why automobile owners are taking their vehicle to a shop vs “my friend the mechanic”. Yes, everyone knows the technology is advancing but in a vehicle you can actually see it change rapidly! With every new feature in your vehicle to air conditioned seats to linking your new smart phone to your car….. What’s a Compact Disc?

With all these features, like anything, comes problems and malfunctions. This means that when you take your vehicle to a shop there may be only one person that is specialized or trained on how one of these system operates. Every technician is responsible to take annual training to learn about these new pieces of technology, that is usually provided from a manufacturer. Vehicle technology is forever changing whether it be for emissions, (Article on advances in Diesel Engines –…/show/28-Diesel-Evolution), or something so you don’t have to check your blind spot, the vehicle will let you know if a car is there.

Mechanic is a term of the past as it was just that Mechanical. With the latest trends in technology we are Technicians as well as Mechanics. This field will keep changing and in the last 10 years has been changing faster than ever.

As a result you are seeing, more people are taking their vehicle to the dealership. When a vehicle is off warranty, they will purchase a newer one that does have warranty.


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