Preparing for Instruction 1 – Characteristics of Adult Learners

Awesome Chart On Pedagogy vs Andragogy

Adult Learning or Andragogy, I find brings more to the table as you aren’t relying on just the educators point of view but also allowing the students to voice their own experiences and possibility of questions about those experiences that an adult educator can answer so that the student can better understand and gain more from a experience he or she has already had.

I would set up my classroom so that my students were comfortable in being able to approach me and the class, understanding there is no bad questions. I would encourage questions in the class within the class encouraging team work. I would then allow other students to answer before me so that I could observe several things. One I can make them more comfortable with helping each other out. Two, I can observe that my class is understanding the information I have presented. Three, If the class is not understanding I can relate it the question to possible an interest or experience most of the class has come across in their life.

Not only will this help the students better understand but also helps me become a better educator by opening my mind further to other’s experiences.


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