Trends in Adult Education

Three Social Trends That Will Influence Education in 2014

In my personal experience I can see trends in adult education. When I started with my own personal adult education (14 years ago), It was purely classroom and text book and maybe a movie or two. Power point was just becoming a useful tool from the days of overhead projectors and whiteboards or even chalkboards.

Now we have started to adapt and use many tools to better show the and explain the material we are trying to get across. As little as 7 years ago a blog was something of an online diary now it is more utilized as a tool by professionals.

Other things that we are now seeing Skype to communicate, emailing assignments instead of printing them out, being able to use the internet as a tool of research instead of the local library.

Using these tools has not only made easier for educators to accommodate different learning abilities of their students but it has also made it a more efficient way to take a course. A paper can be performed in hours to a day. Where before a trip to the local library maybe a day in itself to conduct research.


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