Preparing for Instruction 2 – Creating a Positive Learning Enviroment

Building a Positive Classroom Culture and Climate

After review several articles, all of which expressed the same thing: explanation of the topic and diverse activates. I believe that creating a positive classroom environment begins prior to this.

As expressed in the article I have chosen, it’s starts on “Day One”. You may be teaching a course for a week or several months. In order to best portray the information you are about to teach you need to build a relationship with your students. You need to find that fine line between being an equal (friend) as well as a person in a respected position.

You can do this by not only knowing the names of your students but also finding out a bit of a back story. Why do they want to learn about your field?, What is there background knowledge of your field?, What is their background, have they traveled maybe they grew up in another country, etc.  Getting to know your students is the best way to build trust and by doing so you can attempt to understand.

Doing so shows that you care, and they aren’t just a number. This will help create an environment that people enjoy coming to. Making them feel comfortable about speaking out and asking questions. Knowing this background about your students will also help you portray the information in a way that is relative to your students.  Once this is established then you can keep things positive with encouraging student input on a subject and thoughts.



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