Preparing for Instruction 3 – Motivation

Inclusion, Attitude, Meaning and Competence

motivation diagram.jpg

After reading chapter 8 of the textbook (Merriam and Bierema), I found Wlodkowski’s motivational Strategies very stimulating! I found an article but more importantly a chart that can be easily printed and put up when preparing for a class as a quick reference.

I believe that keeping a class motivated does stem from having a positive learning environment, which was touched on in my last post, this reflects Wlodkowski’s Inclusion condition. As you know your learners you can relate the subject at hand to experiences they have had or even an interest that the class as a whole have in common. This will keep your adult learner involved in the new material and portrays why it is relevant to what they already know. Once the material has been deemed retentive, you can show how this subject will improve what they already know. Keeping an adult learner intrigued with a subject, knowing how new knowledge will benefit them or understanding why they are learning about such subject will keep them motivated.


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