Preparing for Instruction 4 – Cognitive Science of Learning – Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence and Andragogy: The Adult Learner

Sharing a common interest between instructor and learner is the best way to establish and maintain; Positive climate, Motivated learning, Cognitive learning and Trust. Emotional Intelligence can be Personal or Social.

In the Automotive industry, learners may have a project vehicle that they want to make better suited for what they want use it for or they may just want to know how to fix their own vehicle because their first car cost a lot to repair. Keeping this emotional connection to your learning is preferred.

Encourage your learners to ask personal questions, “So, I have a clicking noise in my car when I turn could this be related to this system?” Instructor would respond yes/no and why. If no, maybe keep this in mind as an example for future examples to keep the subject relative to your learners.

Maybe use a video within your lectures to regain interest in the topic. If I was talking about suspension of a vehicle, I would show a short video showing what suspension modification can achieve in the competitive world of racing.

Using your own emotional intelligence is a great way to trigger your learner’s emotional intellect.


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