Preparing for Instruction 5 – Experiential Learning

Kolb’s Learning Styles and Experiential Learning Cycles

In automotive education, an apprentice has attended a classroom environment and has had hands on experience. He/She is then returned to work to apply their newly learned skills and knowledge. They will be exposed to a massive knowledge base and different ways of diagnosis and repair and it is up to the individual to see which method is best for them.

learning styles

Experiential Learning is not just something that is used during an apprenticeship but something that is used their entire career. The automotive industry is mostly paid based on piece work, commonly referred to as “Flat Rate”. If a transmission needs to be replaced, and it pays 4 hours, the technician will be paid 4 hours. This is regardless of the actual time it took to make the repair, weather it be 3 or 5 hours. If a technician has found a way through Experiential Learning from another coworker or mentor, they have the potential to make more time in a normal work day.


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